Bear The Consequences (Digital)


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1. Uncompromising 04:11
2. Lord Of Chaos (And The Wings Of Steel) 03:27
3. The Day You’re Gonna Die 05:41
4. Coma 04:12
5. Falling Lost Part 1 03:37
6. Falling Lost Part 2 05:19
7. My Control 04:57
8. Untrue 04:43
9. Sweat Person 04:40
10. No One Said It Would Be Easy 03:50

Release Date: Audio CD (1. August 2015), BHR 045

Produced by PY Fisher
Co-Produced by T. Deutsch
Recorded by T. Deutsch and PY Fisher at Cartharsis Studios
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by T. Deutsch

All Lyrics by PY Fisher
Studio Drums by Max Dedrichs
Cover Illustration and Design by PY Fisher / Guilani

Label: Recordjet/Dr. Music Records, LC 13799
Pressing: All Your Band Needs

Distribution (Physical): New Music Distribution/Soulfood
Distribution (Digital): Finetunes/Recordjet
Promotion: Dr. Music Promotion

Support: Emperor Cut, , A Change For Metal, Abston! Randall, Metal Anwalt, Qorn, Kamikatz

Sic Zone are during this Era:
PY – Guitars/Vocals
Morbid – Guitars
Chico – Bass
KY – Drums


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