Re Evil Lotion


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1. Against 01:33
2. Frontal 04:07
3. Stale 04:43
4. Burning 03:47
5. Fly 04:04
6. V-Virus 03:39
7. Unforgiving 04:06
8. My Old Way (feat. Andy – Ledfield) 03:33
9. Collapse 04:19
10. The Revolution Of Thousands Of People Against The System Of Hate (Feat. Iris Bonata) 04:47
11. Je M`appelle 04:07
12. Mary Ann Mathews 02:59
13. IMW 05:14
14. Something More (Bonus Track) 03:36
15. Convoy Of Souls (Bonus Track) 03:35
16. Diagnosis: Mainstream (Feat. Preacher – Steelpreacher) (Bonus Track) 14:40

Release Date: 10.06.2016

Produced By PY Fisher
Recorded by PY Fisher at Cartharsis Studios
Mixed and Engineered by Fry at Big Easy Studio

Cover Illustration and Design by PY Fisher and Sandra Näsemann
All Lyrics by PY Fisher

Management: Kathrin Dowel (Rockbase Entertainment)
Label: Bret Hard Records, RPM Music
Distribution (Physical): DA Music
Distribution (Digital): RecordJet
Promotion (DE): Bret Hard Records
Pressing: Bret Hard Records

Support: Pyramid Strings, Wacken Foundation, Metal Anwalt, A Chance For Metal, ClashTomized, Rockbase Entertainment, Randall, Dark Sweet Things, BBB

Sic Zone are during this Era:
PY – Guitars/Vocals
Morbid – Guitars
Chico – Bass
Pablo – Drums


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